base de données hiéroglyphique
A Macintosh version of tksesh is available on F. Vervloesem's pages on mac egyptological softwares.
2 Sep. 2004
A small program to convert dictionaries for Luca's Brigatti hieroword into dictionaries readable by tksesh : readCSV.tcl. Works in particular for the lexicon Mark Vygus has made using Faulkner's dictionary.
5 Nov. 2003
Version 0.999 is available ! Download it below. All information, including glyphs drawing is processed by a database, so adding new glyph is much simpler. Other features : very simple installation for windows, graphical cut and paste under windows, improved rendering algorithm, 79 texts in the database (a lot of them are Late Egyptian texts). Windows Users : download tksesh0999.exe. Unix Users : download the source code.
August 2003
BUG fix for tkseshAlpha5 : download the file tksesh.dll, and copy it in the directory tcllib\LIBS. The graphical cut and paste is now in metafile format, not enhanced metafile, and works much better.
June 2002
ALPHA VERSION FOR WINDOWS with graphical cut and paste : the file tkseshAlpha5a.exe contains a development version for windows. The database functionalities are not working for this one, so you shouldn't use it to replace your current tksesh version. But the nice point is that it's able to copy text to the clipboard in emf (enhanced metafile) format. So Window users can use tksesh to include hieroglyphic texts in standard text editing system. Tcl is now included in the tksesh distribution, so you have only one file to download.
January 2002
*ALPHA DEVELOPMENT VERSION* I have decided to provide the current development version. It's a development version, so it can be buggy, you need to understand how to install it, and so on. On the other hand, the font editor is MUCH better, and you can save metafile pictures of the text which can be included in word.
October 1999
Version 0.9c. New install package for Win95. Small bug fixes. Ounamon and Two brothers texts added
April 1999
Version 0.9b2. No real change from version 0.9b, but improved configure script for solaris workstations.
Feb. 1999
version 0.9b. The user interface now allows sign rotation, hatchures, and the like. The dictionary can be browsed in a user-friendly way. Plus, the notes can be saved as HTML files (on Unix only, helas !)
6 Jan 1999
version 0.8. Lots of improvements. You can now really search hieroglyphic words in the texts
21 Dec 1998
version 0.6. Includes a font editor, a program to define new ligatures,
9 Dec 1998
version B 0.5 released. fonts and ligature definition now made through TCL, hence next version should allow the user to add new codes. The font editor looks like something usable now. try it ! (wish8.0 fonteed.tcl in tcllib directory). It uses the nice scoop object oriented extension. The window version is not made yet.
22 Nov 1998
version B 0.4 released. Nicer selection handling under windows, slight modifications in the font system.
18 Nov 1998
version B 0.1 released. minor bug fixes, better interface for user preference (the language is selected from a list now). Translation editor usable
12 Nov 1998
version B 0.0. First public release

UNIX : installez tcl/tk version 8.0p2 au moins. Récupérez tkseshb.tgz. configurez, installez, c'est prêt !

UNIX : install tcl/tk version (at least) 8.0p2. Get tkseshb.tgz. Configure, install, and here you are.

mail bugs to Serge Rosmorduc

Windows : tkseshAlpha5a.exe permet d'installer tksesh

Windows : simply get tkseshAlpha5a.exe.


N'oubliez pas de vous enregistrer. Le numéro que vous aurez vous permettra d'envoyer de nouvelles entrées pour le dictionnaire. Pour essayer le programme sans vous enregistrer, utilisez le numéro d'ID 1234567890.


Don't forget to register. The number you will get will allow you to share your dictionnary entries with others. If you want to try the software without registering, you can use ID number 1234567890.


Vous devriez bientôt trouver ici de nouveaux textes, des additions pour le dictionnaire, etc... Cela dépend aussi de vous ! N'hésitez pas à envoyer vos contributions textuelles !

You should soon find here new texts, dictionnary additions, etc. It also depends on you ! Feel free to send your textual contributions !

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